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Capillum Bamboo Hair Towel in La Palma Green

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$60.00 USD
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$60.00 USD


Quick & Stylish Drying Sessions

Sustainable & Eco friendly

Luxurious Soft Texture Free Bamboo- So your hair remains soft.



Anti-Microbial (that means no mildew smell...ever)

Anti-Bacterial (means less maintenance)

Oh yeah and our towels can last 10+ years... we are not made up of micro-plastics like microfiber... So we are the real deal.


Our highly absorbent bamboo hair towel is your path to healthier hair and a healthier environment.

Wet Hair is unprotected hair. Our bamboo hair towels reduce the amount of time and friction placed on your hair strands when your hair is at its most vulnerable. The softness of our bamboo hair towel will encompass your strands leaving your hair strong and healthy.

We value uniqueness. So we designed our hair towels to be worn 3 different ways!

95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex

Perfect for all hair types