A unique bamboo hair towel to help naturally minimize frizz and split ends and restore your hair's natural texture. We hope to provide a world full of self-confidence so you can go out and confidently change the world.

  • woman stands in doorway protecting her hair with a bamboo hair towel by Capillum

    Our "No Snag" Fabric

    When designing Capillum bamboo hair towels, it was essential to create a texture-free drying experience for our customers. Any friction on those wet strands can cause some severe damage. Capillum's texture-free approach allows for significantly fewer split-ends and less frizz right from the start.

  • Dries Hair 4x Faster Than Cotton

    Our bamboo hair towels quickly absorb excess water while retaining the moisture your hair needs so you can look forward to consistent, beautiful hair every time.

  • a forest of bamboo stalks with few leaves.

    Odor Resistant

    Hypoallergenic, anti-microbial,anti-bacterial, and incredible durability with Capillum's Bamboo Hair Towel. The more you wash your Capillum bamboo hair towel, the softer the fabric gets, unlike its predecessor, microfiber, which deteriorates with each wash and stinks after several uses. That won't happen here!